Welcome to Kindergarten
When you come to Kindergarten, you may have Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Halvorson, Mr. Tierney, or Mrs. Carlisle as your Kindergarten teacher.   We are excited to meet you all.
In Kindergarten, you will learn many new and exciting things.  Here as some important skills, along with many more, that you will be learning this school year:
  • Letter identification & sounds
  • Blending sounds to read words
  • Sight words
  • Writing sentences to tell a story
  • How to read
  • Number identification to 20
  • Counting to 100 from any given number
  • Attributes of shapes
  • Non-standard units of measurement
  • Adding to 10
  • Subtracting from 10
Use the link above to find out about the following items for Kindergarten:
  • Technology
  • Important Tools 
  • Teams Meetings
  • Consumable Kit Agreements
  • Virtual Meeting Schedules 
  • Contact Information