First Grade

Welcome to First Grade

In First Grade, you will learn many new and exciting things. Here as some important skills, along with many more, that you will be learning this school year:

    • Adding and Subtracting up to 10
    • Time to the Hour and Half-Hour
    • Number Identification up to 120
    • Two and Three-Dimensional Figures
    • Money & Personal Financial Literacy
    • Making Connections to Texts
    • Developing Readers and Writers
    • Conducting Research
    • Investigating properties in Weather
    • Investigating the Natural World – Rocks, Soil, and Water
    • Investigating Force, Motion, and Energy
    • Plant Life Cycle
    • Living and Non-Living
    • Good Citizenship
    • Studying the Past
    • Remembering Traditions
Fundations is our daily phonics program to support Reading, Writing, & Spelling.  Here are some visual resources for the Fundations homework packet sent home with our first graders. Please don't hesitate to contact our first grade staff with any questions you may have about the Fundations program.
Conference Time
Our conference time is 10:00-10:45am and our Main Office Phone # is:  254 215-5500.