Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade!

We are so excited to take this next big adventure together!  The following list highlights some of the important skills needed to be successful in 3rd Grade in the core subjects: 


  • Reads grade-level text with appropriate pace, accuracy and expression
  • Talks about the text and is able to answer questions using evidence from the text
  • Expresses their own point of view about the characters 


  • Growing comfort with using the computer keyboard to write pieces and reflection paragraphs
  • Plans, revises and edits their writing
  • Uses phrases and terms with growing advancement to provide examples and make connections


  • Mastery of addition and subtraction through the 100,000’s place
  • Understand the relationship between multiplication and division
  • Read word problems and make decisions about which of the 4 operations to use in order to solve the question

Your third grade team of teachers collaborates daily to ensure that all students are provided with the diverse learning environment that is essential for academic growth and confidence.  We hold high expectations and accountability standards for our students - no matter where they are on their academic journey.