Second Grade

Greetings Second Graders and Family!

We are so excited about having you this year! We will be "Hiking to New Heights" and we know every day will be an adventure!

Here are some of the things we will be learning and exploring this year while having fun.


Reading and Writing:

This year we will continue building our phonics using Fundations to strengthen our foundation for reading, spelling and writing.  Through all types of texts whether fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, poetry, and more, we will get an understanding of the purpose of reading and the author´s purpose.  We will also go through the writing process several times as we grow as AUTHORS!


In math we will begin with the foundation of numbers; understanding place value in all different forms up to 1,200!  We will do addition and subtraction facts along with word problems and algorithms.  Other topics we will explore is counting money, making fractions, 2-D and 3-D shapes, telling time, graphing data and more.


This year in science we will work like Scientists!  Whether in the classroom or in the lab, we will investigate matter, energy, natural resources, weather, life cycles and more.  

Social Studies:

The topics we will discuss in Social Studies include our community.  We will honor our community history, civic pride, learn about governing and working in our community.  Also we will look at maps and how we as humans interact with our environment.  There will be fun creative projects each six weeks for your child to do and share what they have learned!

Your Second Grade Team