Jefferson Elementary School

The JES Coffee House is this Wed., Jan. 16th 8:30am-9:30am!  The next Student & Teacher holiday is Monday, January 21st in honor of Martin Luther King Day!
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Second Grade

Few Reminders...

  • The school day begins at 7:30am.
  • Your kid is Tardy at 7:46am.
  • Dismissal time is at 3:00pm. Please be on time picking up your kid.
  • Students should be reading at least 20 minutes every day.
  • Homework is due every Friday. Please help your kid with homework but it must me done in his/her own handwriting.
  • Click on the School Nutrition webpage to get more information if your child will be eating breakfast or lunch at school.\

Please visit our 2nd Grade Jaguars website for more information at:

Curriculum Snapshots

The snapshots below will give you an overview of the things that your student will be learning this year.  The snapshots are organized by subject area.